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Saturday, September 23, 2017
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Roll Call 2016


Just easier to copy our Letter to the Editor!

It may have felt like November come early the night of the Roll Call dinner but all was cheerful and warm inside the Harbor Church. It is always a joy for us to see our neighbors gathered in the oldest of traditions, breaking of bread, sharing a meal prepared by so many inside and outside our congregation, and being waited on by school students – several diners used the same word describing them: “polite.”


We wish to express thanks to the multitude of volunteers who made the October 25 Roll Call Dinner possible. We served over 500 meals! 27 turkeys were roasted in almost that many ovens around the island. Dozens of pies appeared miraculously in our pie room. Some folks helped by peeling potatoes or cutting up squash; others mashed, stirred, cooked, and carved. Some dished out food in the serving line while others prepared takeout portions. Some took tickets and called names, some bussed tables, others tore them down. Some washed pots and pans after everyone else was gone. And in every category we saw people from within the Harbor Church family side-by-side with volunteers who just love this fall gathering.


Some of our volunteers deserve to be named. Diane Tripler ran the kitchen for the first time, along with husband Donn, and did a marvelous job. Barby Michel oversaw set up and coordinated dining room workers (while awaiting the arrival of a grandchild). Judy Mitchell organized the pie room with help from Anna Mullen. The Atlantic loaned us their kitchen again, and Gary Ryan prepared the mashed potatoes there. Cindy Geer did some ordering for us, provided storage space for turkeys at the Depot and donated food items needed at the last minute. But there were many, many other workers—some who have been helping for decades and others who experienced the blessing of participating in this event for the first time.


We are are grateful for the generosity of donors who gave over $9,000 to the church, but we know that it is really the entire village that makes this dinner happen, that helps us keep our doors open all week, not just Sunday morning.


Martha Ball, Executive Board Chair

Steve Hollaway, Pastor